Videos I Like (More!)

Been meaning to do this for a while now.

When I updated my tablet, my youtube app changed, so now not only is it less aesthetically pleasing (in my opinion) but I can’t save any favorites on the tablet, only on an account. Which I don’t have.

So rather than go searching through youtube every time I want to watch one of my favorites, I figured I would start a compilation here. I will update as I remember other videos that were on my old – now lost – favorites list. Enjoy!

(Videos that I’ve already posted on a blog post probably won’t be reposted here, but at the bottom of this page I have added links to the original posts. Yay, the internet! (I’m feeling a lil’ bit silly right now ­čÖé ┬á))

Le Petit Mort Ballet

Love, love, LOVE the music to this ballet (Mozart, symphony 21, 2nd movement), and the ballet’s not too shabby! Just kidding, the ballet is pretty amazing as well. Roberto Bolle is such a great dancer (as well as being easy on the eyes, lol), and this choreography showcases both of the dancers’ strenght, flexibility, and gracefulness.

Ballet Adagio

I found this  clip by looking for the song Adagio by Albinoni, which I love, because I was wondering what it would look like as a ballet. Turns out, the dancing in this video has been slowed down to match the song. If you would like to see the choreography at regular speed, it is below entitled Spring Waters (with different dancers).

The Four Seasons Ballet

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a better quality clip of this ballet – the sound doesn’t match the picture. ┬áJust like the last clip, I found this one because I love the song and wanted to see what it’d be like as a ballet.

Springs Waters

The regular speed choreography of the ballet Adagio.  Lots of versions on youtube, this is my favorite.

Except possibly for this rehearsal version

Spring Waters (rehearsal)

I don’t know if it’s the behind-the-scene-ness or what, but this version is amazing! There are a few awe-inducing moments in there for sure.

The Dying Swan with Maya Plitsetskaya

Her arms are unreal, they undulate so effortlessly.  Beautiful dancing, and the fact that she was 61 at the time makes int so much more incredible. Gives me hope that age really is just a number.

Ballet Steps with the National Ballet of Canada

This video goes over every kind of step, which is cool for reference, or when trying to explain basic ballet steps to someone without sitting through a really long video.

Chopin Tristesse Ballet

This is another of those “I got here because I like the song” videos… There’s no actual dancing in this video, unfortunately, but the song is one of my favorites and there’s lots of pretty pictures of ballerinas and pointe shoes and stuff.

Inside the Bolshoi Ballet Daily Class

At first glance, ┬áthis video is not as entertaining (in my opinion) as the Royal Ballet class video (link below); something about the camera angle is just not as In Your Face. But then they did their cambre back and I was like “Whoa! Holy Crap did they just do that!?” So that’s got to earn this video a spot in my “Videos I like” list, right?

Besides, it’s the Bolshoi Ballet. They are seriously awesome.

Swan Lake Pole Dance

Found out about this one from overhearing my classmates discussing it. Once I got over my irritation of hearing them say the word “stripper” while looking around – news flash: just because someone has big boobs on a small frame does not make them a stripper – I realized that this clip is pretty cool.

Dubstep vs Clasical w/ a Ballerina

weirdness… but I like it!

Posts with videos in them:

Royal Ballet Class

How to do Chaines Turns

Manon Rehearsal

Chinese Swan Lake

I’ll post more if I remember any other posts with videos in them…

2 thoughts on “Videos I Like (More!)

  1. Anonymous

    Dear Kit,
    Thank you so very much for everything. You are remarkable. I started ballet after I was eligible for AARP! I’m hanging in and the concentration required has actually saved my life in times of heavy stress; because when you are learning ballet at first, you can think of nothing else! My teacher is the wonderful Dorothy Daniels Lister who developed the curricula for Joffrey Ballet School, NYC, and taught there for 30 years. She performed until well into her forties and perhaps beyond. She is now in her very early eighties and has the body of a kid. We are so fortunate to have her as she grew up here in Pensacola, Florida, and came back home about 13 years ago when her husband became ill.
    Thank you again for writing down the combinations and giving us the pleasure of sharing your experiences.

    1. kit Post author

      Wow, that is so inspiring, both about you and your teacher!
      I love it when I see people of all ages dancing. I grew up in an atmosphere where it is pretty much expected that by the age of 40 – perhaps even younger – your body will be but an afterthought, so every time I see examples of this not being true I get immensely happy. I agree that dance can do wonders for both the body and mind. Remembering those long combinations has really helped with my focus and memory.


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