New year, new and revised About page. Older versions unaltered below.

Hi, I’m Kit. I started ballet almost 3 years ago for the very first time at the then-age of 29, and I am completely and utterly obsessed with it! I’ve been blogging my ballet adventures for the past year and a half here, as well as random ballet-related – or only tangentially ballet-related – posts. Enjoy your look around!

I also have a second blog about stuff that’s really important to me – there’s more to me than just ballet! – but this blog is 99% ballet, with some Modern, Pilates and fitness stuff mixed in.

6/14 : Version 1.0

I am thirty-one and took my first ballet class ever about a year and a half ago.  Unfortunately, it didn’t occur to me to write about ballet (or anything, I suppose) until about about a year after that.  So I guess I will be reminiscing about the early days while noting my progress in present time.  Sounds like fun.

This is my first attempt ever at blogging also, so please excuse any faux pas I may commit.

In addition to ballet, I enjoy many things, including but not limited to:  Gardening, listening to music (especially classical, trance/house, and classic rock), hiking,  reading, nutrition (learning about and putting into practice), writing, playing guitar, making my own stuff, sushi and indian food, and practicing math problems.  Yes, I said practicing math problems.  I am a super nerd.


Edited 9/29/14

This about page was the first thing I ever wrote for this blog – I hate seeing a completely empty about page and wanted to write something  – so I put it together real quick. Lately, I’ve noticed that, as a page that often gets viewed first – the whole First Impression Thing – I could probably do at least a little better.  Version 1.0 remains above, of course.

As I realized that I enjoyed – more like loved – writing over the past year,  the idea of having a blog crossed my mind more and more.  While I was writing on my computer almost daily, and continue to, I didn’t decide to go for it and start blogging until I had some spare time when school let out for summer break.

Ballet is the main focus of this blog because it’s one of my main obsession-hobbies and unlike my other hobbies (listed above in version 1.0), I have no one in real life to discuss it with. Everything else I’m into – well, I guess not… there are limits, but almost – I have a friend or acquaintance who is into it also or at least willing to discuss it.  Unfortunately, no one I know in “real” life outside of ballet class is into ballet.  I tend to suck at making friends and, unless I’m comfortable and with familiar people – hopefully not too many at a time – I’m a total introvert.  So my poor Boyfriend usually ends up being the recipient of my non-stop ballet chatter.

Hence, the need for this blog. 🙂

It is much easier for me to share my thoughts, feelings or opinions through writing than talking anyway.  My shyness is something that I continue to work on but some days I feel like I just need to work within my limitations.  I continue to make progress in most areas of my life though, and that makes me happy.

The past 3 or 4 years or so have marked a period in my life when I’ve undergone profound changes. I’ve learned to accept and love myself when it seems to me in retrospect that  previously I had spent my whole life trying to run away from myself.  This feeling of pure happiness, a feeling like I got my life back after so many years, was part of what drove me to take my first ballet class ever at the age of 29.  Suddenly, little things such as age meant nothing at all.

Ballet proved to be the perfect hobby. Something to always work toward, something that involves both the body and the mind, an outlet for self-expression, an opportunity to be part of a work of art, to ride the music.


I am grateful everyday for all the life lessons and experiences that I’ve been allowed to have.

Oh, and my name is FlowergirlKit or Kit for short.


11 thoughts on “About

  1. robin

    Your blog is really cute – I hope you don’t get discouraged by teachers who suggest you aren’t really trying. I’ve danced my whole life & don’t remember what it’s like to be a beginner but have so much admiration for those who start ballet as an adult. It’s a lovely thing and I think everyone should be encouraged to dance! Good luck and have fun 😊

    1. flowergirlkit Post author

      Thank you so much for the encouraging words! I agree, everyone should be encouraged to dance, it’s like a whole other language, but a really beautiful one.

  2. Oshi Wanigasekera

    Hello, I’m a dancer in NYC and the owner of the ballet greeting cards company, Teeny Trina Inc. We’re a very new business and I was wondering whether you would be interested in doing a blog post about our Adult Ballet Valentines Day card. You could check it out at http://www.teenytrina.com. In March we are coming out with our full Spring Collection and we are offering an Affiliates Program which gives bloggers a chance to post our link and automatically receive a 50% commission on all associated sales. I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to send us a Facebook message or an email to info@teenytrina.com. Best wishes, Oshi

    1. kit Post author

      Hi there!
      I don’t have a facebook, but I took a look at your designs and cartoons and they’re totally adorable! Super cute!

  3. balletbrit

    Hi this is my third attempt at a post because I don’t see it showing up, so if it shows up in triplicate, my apologies. I’m Michael (and taken) and LOVE LOVE LOVE practicing ballet and would like nothing more than to befriend you. Other than ballet, I’m pretty normal, who enjoys playing ice hockey and scuba diving. Though I was more or less “made in England”, I was born in BC and like you, feel weird not practicing ballet in tights. Please email me at balletbrit1@yahoo.com.

    1. kit Post author

      Hi Michael! Nice to meet you 🙂
      Yes, I have my comments set to “by approval” (though I approve them all, it just helps me to keep track so I can make sure to reply!), so you won’t see the comment show up until I get to it. That’s great that you love practicing ballet! Scuba diving, huh? That’s something I think I would love to try one day – I’ll bet the underwater scenery is breathtaking. Haven’t tried ice hockey, but I did go ice skating for the first time ever a few months ago.

  4. thebookybunhead

    Just wanted to say that I am top-heavy too! So I certainly know the struggles of that when it comes to being the light, spritely fairy ballet wants you to be. But in the end the stronger you are, the less physical “disadvantages” mean anything, and you can just enjoy the movement which is what dancing is all about!

    1. kit Post author

      Hello there!
      I completely agree that the stronger you are, the less physical “disadvantages” mean anything! The further I’ve come along on my ballet journey, the more this fact has become increasingly apparent to me.
      To be honest, it is such a relief that there is something that can be done (get stronger), as opposed to it being completely out of my control.


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